Jennifer Dunn, commonly known as Kitty, is the drummer in the American synthpunk band Mindless Self Indulgence.


Originally brought on as a temporary member, she was later promoted to permanent member. According to an interview in July 2008, Kitty dropped playing drums for years because of a misunderstanding in middle school that resulted in the purchase of her drum kit; unbeknownst to her. It wasn't until years later, when offered a chance to play with MSI, that she picked up the sticks again and played with a borrowed drum kit; when returning the borrowed kit the owner let her keep it.[citation needed] She plays an acoustic drum kit (In 'Evening Wear' the steel drums) which is augmented by backing tracks consisting of sampled "loops" for the live show. She is one of the original members of MSI. She's also Jimmy Urine's cousin.

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